Episode 17 of the EPL Talk Podcast


The interview with Kevin Toms, the legendary creator of soccer games for the computer is now available on the EPL Talk Podcast.

Some important notes:
The FootyMax website, which is definitely worthwhile visiting to take part in the two week free trial, is at http://www.footymax.com

If you’re interested in checking out what Football Manager is like (or if you want to relive the experience), there are a few ways to find it. First, you can play a remake of the game. Second, you can download an emulator for the Sinclair Spectrum computer, which allows you to play Spectrum games on your PC. You can find Football Manager here for the Spectrum.

During the latest podcast, I mentioned how you can win prizes from EPL Talk. Just go ahead and subscribe here (and, while you’re at it, subscribe for the BIG surprise I mentioned on the podcast).

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  1. Aye. I went to bed last night and I knew I missed something. No worries. I’ll update the homepage this evening.

    As an FYI, I’ll be using that space on the homepage to announce other new exciting plans from EPL Talk. You can still access the podcasts from the homepage, just need to click on the recently-added ‘Podcast’ link in the main navigation bar.

    The Gaffer

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