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Watford gives DeMerit an extension

jaydemerit052006.0 Watford gives DeMerit an extension
EPL side Watford FC rewarded American defender Jay DeMerit with a contract extension and an undisclosed bonus Wednesday. DeMerit did not ask for the bonus but was rewarded with two other “cornerstone” players (Gavon Mahon and Al Bangura) by the club. Despite Demerit’s outstanding play in England he still hasn’t recieved a US National Team call up. Hopefully the new coach of the US Men’s National Team will realize that DeMerit, one of the few Americans who has become a franchise type player in Europe is worth taking a look at.

DeMerit proved in the playoff match with Leeds United that he can stand tall under pressure scoring an early goal and then playing outstanding defense to preserve a Watford victory and a ticket to the EPL. The club has rewarded him for his work and now so should the US National Team with a call up!
Image from Watford FC Website


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16 Responses to Watford gives DeMerit an extension

  1. Sams Army says:

    This kid is just on a lucky streak. Yeah we should take a look at him now, but you cannot fault Arena for not scouting him. The guy was a bust in MLS playing the American style. So perhaps he fits the English game better but that isn’t the style we play and Arena couldn’t call up a player who was fighting for playing time at some worthless second flight club. American players are all over Europe and most of them aren’t half as good as the middle of the pack MLS players.

  2. Hugo Perez says:


  3. Harvey says:

    sams army you are MAD!!!!!

  4. Xavier says:

    Sams you are just getting worse and worse all the time.

    American players are all over Europe and most of them aren’t half as good as the middle of the pack MLS players.

    I love MLS too and truly want it to become part of the American sports fabric but either you are smoking some strong stuff or you are getting the talking points faxed over from the league office every morning. DeMerit may have flopped in MLS for whatever reason but he’s a big hit in England and clearly can excel under serious pressure unlike our MLS stars who never face anything of the sort here.

    I saw a good story on about how Evans Wise flooped in MLS with Tampa Bay and was cut but then did well for 6 season in Germany and was probably Leo Beenhaker’s most relied upon player outside of Dwight Yorke for T&T this World Cup. That doesn’t mean MLS is superior to the Euro leagues it just means some guys react differently under different circumstances or more likely guys like Wise and DeMerit reacted well to strong coaching and the high energy training in europe.

  5. Torres says:

    Great new site! DeMerit is a special player who has benefited from the talent and technical assistance in England. He was a top college player and should have been good in MLS but he wasn’t being properly coached.

  6. USA2010 says:


    Good point about the coaching.

    Most people are so hung up on player development they ignore the coaching (and officiating) of MLS.

    With no American referees named to the World Cup, clearly there is need for improvement in the sport in ALL areas in this country.

  7. USA2010 says:

    I will be the first to say that the game play in MLS has improved every year since its inception.

    On the other hand, the training methods have to be questioned.

  8. Sams Army says:

    MLS is among the top 10 leagues in the world.

    Here is how I rank them:

    1- Serie A (Italy)
    2- La Liga (Spain)
    3- EPL
    4- Bundesligia (Germany)
    5- France
    6- Dutch League
    7- Brazilian League
    8- Mexican League
    9- MLS
    10- SPL

  9. Hernandez says:

    This is the kid Arena forgot to take look at. usa scouting needs to improve because many americans are playing hard and well fighting for their lives as pros in europe. they understand the international game. we have many players in mls who need to be given a better look like jeff cunningham and pat noonan. lots of good talent here in mls. the scouting is subpar for the team.

  10. USA2010 says:

    Cunningham is past his prime – Twellman is a much better option. Noonan was a bubble player for 06 but missed too much time with injury.

  11. Hat Trick Peter Crouch says:

    From my vantage point it is truly amazing that a nation with so few technical players as yours could leave someone as skilled as DeMerit off your player pool. Clearly your coaching and player evalutation is lacking stateside.

    Watford may not stay above the drop zone this year. They appear to be over their heads in the EPL and have not made any major signings yet this summer, but DeMerit is a key player for their side and will always be well regarded on this side of the pond by EPL clubs should Watford go right back down even if your national squad seems to ignore his vast talent.

  12. USA2010 says:

    The upside of Watford’s promotion is that we here in the US will be able to see DeMerit (and Convey of Reading) on Fox Soccer Channel’s EPL coverage!

  13. The Three Lions says:

    “This kid is just on a lucky streak. Yeah we should take a look at him now, but you cannot fault Arena for not scouting him. The guy was a bust in MLS playing the American style.”

    Hey Yank. You are a crying fool who should take a holiday from this otherwise excellent website.

    Jay DeMerit is quality and just because he could not play an American style, whatever you believe that is, he is a solid first team defender for Watford and certainly a classy player with the potential to move to one of the bigger EPL clubs if he so desires.

  14. Rafael says:

    DeMerit has proven something that many of us are sadly aware of……not only is the coaching lacking in MLS but the talent evaluation as well. Letting this kid go and then make a big name in England is just another example of how disasterous the inability to properly scout players and evaluate technical skill has been for MLS.

  15. Anonymous says:

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  16. Anonymous says:

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