Arena takes over Red Bull New York

Bruce Arena

In one of the worst kept secrets of the year, Bruce Arena has accepted the head coaching job with Red Bull New York, the laughing stock of Major League Soccer. Arena’s first match as coach of the Res Bulls will be a friendly versus FC Barcalona at Giants Stadium on August 12th.

41 thoughts on “Arena takes over Red Bull New York”

  1. Now we will find out once and for all if Arena really is the best American coach ever. He has an unenviable task ahead with Red Bull New York.

  2. Sams Army,

    If Bruce Arena is so well respected around the world, why was his only offer from the worst team in MLS?

    (I think you know the real answer.)

  3. It’s a shame Arena’s career had to take this turn for the worse. I reallyt hoped he’s get some offers in Europe. Word was that he turned down a lucrative offer right before the World Cup from a top EPL side. He will win with New York, which is unfortunate for DC United.

  4. He must feel like a total worthless pice of cow dung now! He thought he was going to coach in Europe! LOL!

  5. Maybe Teacher’s pet Williams can be groomed by Arena to coach the national team someday. I wonder if Red Bull NY will instantly make a trade for Eddie Pope once Arena takes over.

  6. I do.

    With the number of guys from DC who will be in the national team pool for 2010, it wouldn’t be a stretch.

  7. I totally agree. Nicol ahead of Nowak, but maybe Nowak has a shot because of the large number od DC players in the 2010 player pool. BTW, Nicol would have taken Twellman to Germany for sure!

  8. arena will be success with ny. we need a coach who speaks spanish and also gets on with adu and the other young future stars.

  9. Arena’s dedication to US Soccer and the development of our players precluded him from taking one of several potential jobs he had in Europe.

    I am told by a reliable source that Arena turned down a job with top English side Spurs before the World Cup so that it would not distract from the team.

  10. WHAT???????????

    If Arena were truly offered a job with Spurs it would be as a reserve coach or maybe a scout. No way jose would he have been offered anything beyond that. Martin Jol is one of the best coaches anywhere in club football having taken Tottenham a side that almost always underachieved to the brik of champions league play last season. With the signing of Zokora and possibly Nedved along with a young core of DeFoe, King, Carrick and Aaron Lennon (throw in the seasoned Robbie Keane also)Spurs will be in my humble opinion Chelsea’s biggest London competition this year, tougher than Arsenal.

    I’d be shocked if such an accomplished manager and club would even know Arena existed let alone consider offering him a position.

  11. Kartik,

    Bob Gansler was afraid that my dynamic style would screw up his rigid formation and tactics.

    Even Bora coached the team not to get embarassed.

    It was unfortunate to see USA return to this scared style in WC06.

  12. You forgot Jenas and now Damien Duff for Spurs also. But you are correct lad, Spurs are a good bet for Champions League play and perhaps even an EPL title if all of the high priced pieces do not fit well at Stamford Bridge.

  13. If Arena were close to getting a job with Tottenham, I am in the running to be his replacement with the MNT. What a crock of s%$#t.

  14. Arena’s time in Gotham will be spent trying to get on page 15 C of the tabloids and find a blurb off the back page in the Times. This is so not a town ready to embrace a mediocre at best soccer team that plays in Jersey. Bring back the Cosmos or give us a new team on Long Island!

  15. I’m an Arena fan, but I think some of his parting comments about team USA were classless.

    Apparently, he had the agreement with Red Bull in place before his five hour meeting with Gulati and Flynn. So what the hell did they talk about for 5 hours? Restaurants in NY? How USA isn’t going to win the next World Cup?

    Bruce just couldn’t resist headbutting USSF on his way out ala Zidane.

  16. No, it is the USSF that was classless USA 2010. They had fired Arena weeks ago without making it public or telling him. Was he suppossed to just dangle in the wind knowing Gulati had no intention of keeping him on as coach? Gulati according to credible reports had already offered the job to Klinsmann while he had a coach under contract! That is classless and unprofessional! The entire USSF is becoming a sanctuary for bitter people who don’t appreaciate MLS and want us to become more European in our playing style.

  17. What I’ve said has been printed in the press as quotes from the respective parties.

    What you say is rumor that has been reported but is unsubstantiated. In fact, Gulati has denied such a conversation ever took place. It may have, but you can’t prove it.

    “They had fired Arena weeks ago without making it public or telling him.”


  18. “……bitter people who don’t appreaciate MLS and want us to become more European in our playing style.”

    What the hell are you talking about?

  19. Xavier,

    I know you’re joking but please, be nice!

    Everyone is entitled to his/her own view (however delusional it may be).

    Thank you.

  20. Arena’s comments suggest he didn’t think he could aquire players in the MLS allocation system (which no one can fully explain with any clarity).

    I’m sure Red Bull convinced him that they are very willing to spend whatever it takes to acquire players not just for a competitive first division team, but reserve teams and stocking a system for developing players.

    If this model is successful, Team USA will benefit. In a way, Arena has been asked to solve some of the problems that limited USA06.

  21. Xavier, reading your comments shows your resntment of the league and Arena. Looking back at some the archives from thw world cup you are clearly a shill for the federation and this movement to europeanize our player pool. Arena did the right thing when he left all these guys playing in europe who didn’t have time for the national team in the past off the team. Our call ups of mostly MLS players were because those guys could gel and the league worked with the national team unlike the euro leagues who won’t even count a cap with the us national team as a full appearence for work permit purposes.

  22. “this movement to europeanize our player pool”

    “Our call ups of mostly MLS players”

    “unlike the euro leagues who won’t even count a cap with the us national team as a full appearence for work permit purposes.”


    Before, you at least made sense (even though no one agreed with you). Now your posts don’t even make any sense.

  23. Your great manager is now coaching the worst side in your stinking minor league. The Yanks go down again!

  24. From what I have read Red Bull is going to upset the apple cart to steal an american expression in your minor league by actually trying to bring in top dollar players and develop a youth system, etc. After Arena’s comments about your stinking domestic league I must assume Red Bull sold him on the long term vision they have to get him to agree to the position.

  25. Wow Three Lions, I said the exact same thing on this thread two days ago.

    That is, without referring to MLS as a “stinking league”.

    We can all agree that MLS is not on the same level as the EPL. Our domestic league is only in its 11th season so cut us some slack, okay?

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