Fox Soccer Channel Makes Changes to EPL Coverage


If you’ve been reading the EPL Talk Blog the past week, you’ll notice that we’ve been talking a lot about Fox Soccer Channel’s impending coverage of the 2006/2007 Premiership season.

We can now confirm that FSC has changed their schedule regarding coverage of matches. Their typical schedule will now be:

10am ET — Live Premiership match
12:15pm ET — Live Premiership match
3pm ET — Tape delayed Premiership match

11am ET — Live Premiership match

3pm ET — Live Premiership match

The 10am ET match on Saturday mornings used to pay-per-view, so that’s a huge bonus to be able to watch that match and have it followed by the one at Noon — for four hours of live Premiership coverage.

Most of us know that the majority of Premiership matches are played at 10am on Saturday, so it’ll be interesting to see if FSC shows the results of the matches near the end of the 10am broadcast (except, hopefully, for the 3pm tape-delayed match — so the pleasure of watching the 3pm isn’t ruined).

The other benefit is being able to see the Sunday match live at 11am ET rather than the tape delayed time of 1pm ET. Bravo to FSC!

Remember where you read it first! More details to come about the 7:45am Saturday matches, the 8:30am Sunday matches and the midweek games.

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