2 thoughts on “The Abuse That Provoked Zidane”

  1. They weren’t the only ones. Commented on this in my post match analysis of the final. Feel free to come and comment. Pippa

  2. The French cheated Spain out of the world cup. Zidane got karma back. That’s all. If the referee and Fifa allowed Henry’s obviously pretended foul to cheat Spain out of the cup because they ignored the TV-replay of the play-acting, why then should we now not ignore the lip-reading of what the Italian player said. Zidane committed a deliberate foul. For whatever reason, it doesn’t matter. He got sent off. Good! Let us not blow this up into a religious or racial issue. There has been a lot of spitting, elbowing, name-calling and most of all CHEATING that has marred this World Cup. It’s about time Fifa did something about it. That’s the real issue here. Not what the Italian said.

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