Clash of Titans Prepare for Battle


Today’s Italy against France World Cup Final is a true clash of titans. Both teams are overflowing with class players, but who will prevail? Here are some of the key matchups:

Cannavaro and Henry. If Fabio Cannavaro can stop Henry from getting into scoring positions, France has little chance of getting a goal in this match due to their 4-5-1 formation. Winner: Cannavaro.

Lippi and Domenech. These two masterful coaches will need to have the right substitutions in the key moments of the match today. I believe Lippi will have the edge today. Winner: Lippi.

Abidal and Camoranesi. Although Abidal is having a good World Cup, his inexperience will show today when trying to defend Camoranesi’s relentless attacks down the right wing, which will result in dangerous crosses into the box. Winner: Camoranesi.

For more tactical analysis, take a look at this fantastic feature from the BBC.

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