ESPN Tommy Smyth’s Appearance on PBS


It’s the weekend of the World Cup Final, and it’ll be interesting to see how the media in the United States reacts to The Big Game.

So far, so good. While watching the Charlie Rose show Friday night on PBS, ESPN color commentator Tommy Smyth was interviewed and previewed Sunday’s match. Although Smyth rubs a lot of soccer fans the wrong way, I personally enjoy Smyth’s breath-of-fresh-air comments and insightful analysis.

It was also interesting to see that Rose is obviously a soccer fan.

Tommy’s prediction for Sunday’s final? Italy will win, and it won’t be settled by penalty kicks.

2 thoughts on “ESPN Tommy Smyth’s Appearance on PBS”

  1. Tommy your the best, you know the game and have helped alot of fans enjoy and understand soccer.
    Keep up the good work thank you, I hope Charlie Rose will have you back on again soon.

  2. Tommy Smyth is the worst commentator on football there has ever been. How he got to commentate at all is a mystery to me. He has a very limited knowledge of the players, rules and the whole game. To a seasoned fan he is and always will be an object of ridicule. Good ridence we hope.

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