World Cup Permeates Mainstream America

Gold Cup US Honduras Soccer

Did my civic duty today and went to jury duty. I almost fainted when the woman running the jury duty, who was American as apple pie, opened up with some chit chat to the jury pool and said “That was good news about the Shuttle launch yesterday. And what about that soccer game? What an exciting match that was for any of you who missed it.” She was referring to the Italy against Germany match.

Soccer in America is definitely making in-roads into the mainstream. Little by little…

One thought on “World Cup Permeates Mainstream America”

  1. That’s great! For the last few days, I’ve been trying to find “FIFA 06” for Playstation 2 without any luck. It seems everywhere I went, the store has had a run on the games since the world cup.

    Maybe, just maybe, the sport is catching on. I just hope people don’t judge the sport in the US by watching the “unwatchable” MLS.

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