Shaka Hislop signs with MLS


Shaka Hislop who was the man of the match in Trinidad’s improbable draw with Sweden in the first match of the World Cup will leave West Ham United of the EPL where he was the first choice goalkeeper and sign with MLS this week. He will be allocated to FC Dallas. Hislop led West Ham to the FA Cup final this past season where they lost to Liverpool.

Hopefully, this will be first a several MLS int’l signings to raise the level of play in the league following the USA’s world cup debacle.

7 thoughts on “Shaka Hislop signs with MLS”

  1. Has this been reported anywhere? It’s not on Football 365 or Soccernet. As a Hammer I am dissapointed if it is true that Hislop would leave to play in your minor league. But he is 37 and despite his great form maybe he wants to extend his career with the stress free atmosphere that comes from the US league.

  2. Forgive me for the typo on the orginal post. “fo” of course should read “of”.

    Blogger is having some trouble right now with loading items to the site but once it’s resolved the typo will be corrected. Thanks!

  3. I saw it is official. Best of luck Shaka. You’re making a mistake playing in a lesser league but you have the support of the Hammer community.

  4. Do not hold your breathe. Hislop probably wanted to get closer to his family and thus signed with MLS, despite what I have read were numerous offers to stay in the EPL, either with West Ham or with another big club. No other world cup stars are on the way. Hislop was out of contract and thus MLS did not have to give a transfer fee. Also the league probably gave him an unpublished amount of money to bend the salary cap for him to sign. This will probably be the only exception MLS will make to the stupid salary cap rules this year.

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