19 thoughts on “Disbelief in Dortmund”

  1. To think if we had some luck and decent refereers we may be the ones out in the streets celebrating right now.

  2. FIFA has refused to suspend Ronaldo for the match with France. What utter rubbish!

    off to bed. I look forward to see the commentary in the morning.

  3. Del Piero is a clutch player. When you have a striker of his caliber on the bench as a reserve you know you have a great squad. Italy is the best team and will defeat the winner of France/Portugal.

  4. I really thought that Podelski and Klose let down Germany today. Both were in the position to make dangerous runs when Italy’s energy level was slipping at towards the end of regular time and failed to do so. Then Neuville came in the game and didn’t produce much either. Odonkor brought some energy but wasn’t the instant game changer he had been in previous matches although he set Podolski up nicely with a ball that should have resulted in a goal to put Germany up 1-0. All in all though Italy was the better side and deserved to win.

  5. rumors have already begun to fly that klinsmann will be offered £ 1.5 million a year to coach USA. Stay informed on this story through the Daily Telegraph rumor section.

  6. We will be all watching the telly to witness if Portugal the cheats can continue the run of cheating by knocking off France.

  7. We knew the Italians had a strong defense, but these figures show why they won yesterday:

    Shots on goal: Italy (11); Ger (6)
    Corner Kicks: Italy (12); Ger (4)

    They were more aggressive.

  8. Italy had the majority of good chances and deserved to win the game. The end demonstrates if you play for a tie or overtime in any sport you are playing with fire. Germany was just trying to play out the string while Italy sensed the urgency and pushed forward for two quick goals!

  9. LaVolpe is gone. Pretty amazing since I thought he did a good job. Mexico runs through coaches pretty quickly.

    Portugal’s performance today was brave but Scolari and the team bench show an excessive amount of gamesmanship when they all storm off the bench in anger.

  10. I was not terribly impressed by France today. Adavntage Italia in the finals, with the strong attacking style and solid keeper. Barthez is going to cost France dearly. Time to consider Coupet.

  11. Dommenech made it clear before the tournament that Barthez was his man. Besides, when did Barthez last concede a non PK goal?

  12. France really needs to improve its ball movement and spacing to win against Italy in the final.

    After brilliant performances against Spain and Brazil the French looked like they did in the group play yesterday. Slow, old and uncoordinated. Thank goodness for Thurman who in my opinion was the Man of the Match at the back.

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