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We’re one day away from the Quarter Finals stage of the World Cup and the excitement is reaching a fever pitch among soccer fans around the world, including America. Tomorrow’s Germany against Argentina match would have been a perfect World Cup Final, but sadly one of those great teams will be leaving the tournament tomorrow.

Italy should walk over Ukraine, making it an Italy versus Germany semi-final. I don’t feel Argentina has what it takes to overcome the attack-minded German team.

England must rise to the occasion tomorrow to defeat Portugal. I believe they have what it takes, but it’ll mean Rooney and Lampard having to play the games of their lives in order to ensure a semi-final match between Brazil (sorry French fans).

Despite all of the fanfare about this weekend’s matches, my Dad brought me back down to earth yesterday. He’s not a football fan, but he lives near me in South Florida. He said “You realize that most people don’t know the World Cup is on right now, right? It’s nowhere in the news, and most of the people on the American talk radio shows are discussing how soccer will never make it in America.”

It’s true, but I’ve reached the point where I don’t care anymore about them. Thanks to the Internet, we no longer have to depend on American media in order to see coverage of matches or find out the scores. As long as there’s room for Fox Soccer Channel, GolTV and Setanta, and the Internet doesn’t blow up, I’m a happy man.

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  1. Agree with the last point especially – once all football is available live to watch on demand on our computers (like the Ashes cricket was last summer, perfect picture/sound quality) we won’t have to worry about which matches the networks choose to show or local announcers ruining our enjoyment of games, like in this particular World Cup….

  2. I appreciate your making that last point. The only thing MORE annoying than the lack of media coverage and the poor quality of what coverage there is the constant WHINING on message boards about the coverage, announcers, etc.

    This type of bitching has made a certain radio program unlistenable during the tournament.

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