Quarterfinal Matchups and Other Thoughts

10 - Zidane

  • France’s leading midfield players: Zidane, Makelele and Vierra have a great understanding of one another’s game and the experience that comes from playing together for so long. For example, Zidane and Vierra always know where one another are going to be on the pitch at any given time. Throw in the youth, and speed of Ribbery and you have a side peaking at the right time. That showed in the win against Spain and that’ll probably show again against a Brazilian side that doesn’t play a team game. I like France’s chances to beat Brazil.
  • Deco is suspended for Portugal’s Quarterfinal versus England which gives England an outside shot. Most pundits seem to think that this will be most one sided quarterfinal with the Portuguese running England off the pitch. I somewhat I agree with this thinking, but keep in mind England, not Portugal (or Brazil) has the most talent of any nation playing in this World Cup, and perhaps they can once and for all get on the same page. But as so often is the case with the English their side looks disjointed while team play and discipline is totally lacking.
  • Germany-Argentina should be the best matchup of the tournament. Look for the Germans to press the attack early and get Michael Ballack some early critical touches on the ball. Germany, at home will win.
  • Italy is playing very shaky soccer but Ukraine has a problem scoring goals. Ukraine has scored a goal in the run of play in only one of their four World Cup games thus far. However, the Ukraine is organized and well spaced at the back and against an Italian attack that has been shaky in situations with clear advantages in this tournament that might be enough to ensure passage for the Ukraine.
  • Eric Wynalda’s attacks on Bruce Arena have been relentless but on the money. Arena’s unwillingness to take any blame whatsoever in his interview with Rece Davis the other day was appalling and is further reason why he needs to be moved out as national team coach. If a manager is unwilling to assess his performance somewhat objectively that smacks of poor leadership and a lack of class.

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  1. Portugal losing Deco could get us through. Without a midfield maestro they will not have quality service for Pauletta, Figo and the other attackers.

  2. Wynalda has been entertaining but a little overboard.

    I maintain Arena deserves some, but hardly all, of the blame for the USA performance.

  3. Did everyone hear about the Spanish fans making the monkey chant when the French team bus arrived at the game yesterday. I think it is about time FIFA laid the hammer down on Spain for the continued racism of their fans and coaches.

  4. I am not pro-argentina but my hope is that Argentina eliminates Germany so that Klinnsman is availible for the USA to hire him!

  5. Adu set to leave DC:

    American superstar Freddy Adu has confirmed he will be leaving DC United after the current MLS season ends. The 17-year-old continues to be linked with a move to Old Trafford, although Premiership Champions Chelsea reportedly remain interested. — clubcall.com

  6. We have an uphill battle Saturday but have the quality and striking potential to win the match and ensure passage to the seminfinals.

    Freddy Adu is likely headed for Manchester United. His continued time in your minor league is hurting his development and I have been told Fergie feels he is a missing piece that Man U lacks to overcome Chelsea. Chelsea on the other hand is not truly interested in Adu but know Fergie covets him and is just trying to keep him away from Old Tratford.

  7. England have got another gift with Christian Ronaldo doubtful due to thigh strain. Along with the two suspensions, Portugal is looking thin.

    Adu was stuck in MLS due to his age. Now that he’s 17 he is eligible to play under EU labor laws. Let’s just hope he can get his work permit………

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