Where Have All the Heroes Gone?


Only seven games remain in the World Cup. Yet many of the heroes we were expecting to see on the big stage haven’t showed up:

Rooney, Henry, Ronaldinho, Messi, Ballack, Van Nistelrooy, Toni, Tevez, and Donovan.

The players getting the headlines instead seemed to be Klose, Podolski, Zidane, Rodriguez, Rosicky, Torres, Muntari, Frei and Amoah.

3 thoughts on “Where Have All the Heroes Gone?”

  1. Ballack dominated the game against Sweden. Messi and Tevez are on the bench, so that’s not really their fault. Any Man United fan will tell you that Nistelrooy hasn’t played well for 3 years. Rooney’s just coming back from injury. Some of the players on your list still have the chance to make it ‘their’ tournament. I think Rooney might just explode against Portugal…

    Oh, and don’t forget Riquelme!

  2. Mmm. Not too sure. Podolski? 1.5 good games out of 4. Zidane? 1. The Ghanains? Exciting but were crushed by Brazil who stopped trying after 10 mins. Frei? Frei???

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