How Does Univision Compare?


While watching the Argentina against Mexico match, here are just a few of the differences I noticed between Univision’s coverage of the match versus ABC/ESPN:

1. The crowd volume on Univision is much louder.
2. You can hear the passion, excitement and joy so much more with the Univision commentators as opposed to John Harkes and JP Dellacamera.
3. The picture looks better on Univision.
4. Although the ABC/ESPN top-of-the-screen graphic showing the score of the match is much larger and more prominent than the Univision one, I prefer the look-n-feel of it compared to the Univision one.

One thought on “How Does Univision Compare?”

  1. I was watching most of the games on Univision until I came back to Seattle where I get HD for all three channels. The HD is unbeleivable and makes up for the horrible commentary.

    This weekend coming up I’m flying to the F1 race in Indy and the rental car has XM radio which I heard has really good cup commentary. I’ll listen and check it out. Hey, maybe ESPN should hire the XM guys?

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