Doubts About England Selection


I have severe concerns about Sven’s selection for tomorrow’s match against Ecuador. He’s essentially fielding a 4-5-1, although actually it’s a 4-1-4-1 with Rooney up front, and a midfield comprising Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard and Cole. The back four will be Cole, Ferdinand, Terry and — unbelievably Owen Hargreaves. Michael Carrick, meanwhile, will play in front of the back four.

Why would Sven put Hargreaves in defence over Jamie Carragher? Hargreaves is a versatile player, but typically plays in midfield as he did against Sweden (and played his best game for England). Carragher is solid and has enough skill to stop Ecuador’s attacks down the left wing.

I don’t have a good feeling about this formation and the player selection. Rooney needs support up top. Lampard and Gerrard haven’t played well together this tournament. Beckham is a ghost. Joe Cole has been spectacular, especially against Sweden. In fact, based on present form, I’d rather have Hargreaves play in the center of midfield than Lampard, who has been awful this tournament and has been silent for Chelsea for ages.

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  1. Carrick is a class act and should take the pressure off our attacking midfielders. Lampard has to hit the target sooner or later. Carra is a Championship level blocker and super athlete Owen Hargreaves is a much better bet for this game. I’m more worried about the stroller Beckham & pray Lennon gets brought on for the 2nd half if/when things aren’t going swimmingly. Crouchie can come on when Rooney tires.

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