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  1. Hey Gaffer,

    You must realize ABC doesnt produce their broadcast for the soccer officionado. They know the 100,000 die hard fans are gonna be there one way or another. They are producing teir games for the other 5 million or so who tune in and may have lats seen soccer 4 yrs ago.

    The same thing happens for the Super Bowl, World Series etc. They are trying to reach the audience that doesnt know or appreciate the game yet.

    Gotta lighten up.

  2. Good point. But one has to wonder does it make sense to market to the die-hard soccer fans or the people who switched off the World Cup when the US got knocked out?

    At this stage, I have to think that most of the Americans watching ABC are into football. Not many uneducated soccer fans would tune in to watch Argentina v Mexico.

    The Gaffer

  3. I think less so but its an event so i suspect while there may be fewer they probably outnumber the die=hards, maybe 5 to 1 as oppossed to 500 to 1.

    They also know we, the die hards are captive, so in their thinking whats the point of playing to them, there here for the long haul, so lets program to keep dick and jane who r involved in an event.

  4. It’s important not to lose the distinction between announcing for the unkowledgable audience and simply bad announcing. The ABC/ESPN coverage is awful whether you’ve watched soccer before or not.

  5. just 1 thing isnt abc & espn owned by disney so there the same arnt they p.s nice 2 see that some us fans know about football

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