Reuters: Reyna Retires from National Team


Reuters news service is reporting that US Captain Claudio Reyna will retire from the Men’s National Team. I certainly expect the USSF to give him a send off game in the next few months. Reyna made some mistakes in this World Cup and has been injury prone. He also has been less vocal as a captain than I would have liked. Nonetheless his skill level and on the ball ability is unrivaled in recent history of US Soccer.

5 thoughts on “Reuters: Reyna Retires from National Team”

  1. His first memory will be being the John O’Brien of World Cup 1994 and taking a roster spot and not playing due to injury.

    His final memory will be being stripped of the ball directly leading to a goal to eliminate USA from World Cup 2006 and leaving with an injury.

    Farewell, Claudio. Drive safely.

  2. Nice job Claudio, you were personally responsible for two opponents goals in this world cup, two more than you have scored in your illustrious world cup career spanning four world cups! See ya later.

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