World Cup Quarter Finals: ‘What If’ Scenarios


Now, what if? What if England ties or beats Sweden today? Germany would presumably play Sweden, and England would play Ecuador. If both Germany and England would win those matches, here’s my prediction of who would play who in the Quarter Finals of the World Cup:

Friday, June 30, 11am ET:
Germany v Argentina

Saturday, July 1, 11am ET:
England v Netherlands

To make this possible, Argentina would have to beat Mexico in the second round, and the Netherlands would have to defeat Portugal.

The possibilities are mouthwatering!

2 thoughts on “World Cup Quarter Finals: ‘What If’ Scenarios”

  1. Portugal defeated Mexico just a little over an hour ago, which means that Mexico will play the winner of this afternoon’s Argentina vs Netherlands match. The second round game will be at 3pm ET on Saturday.

    Portugal, meanwhile, will play the runner-up of Group C.

  2. I got the Netherlands one wrong, but everything else came out as predicted. I can’t believe the Dutch didn’t take advantage of Portugal today. They were there for the taking.

    The Gaffer

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