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Random World Cup Thoughts

miroslav klose Random World Cup Thoughts

  • I grew up watching Gerd Mueller, the all time leading goal scorer in World Cup History in his NASL stint with the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. (where he played alongside worldwide greats Elias Figeroua, Nene Cubilias and George Best). Mueller’s record of 14 World Cup goals is serious jeopardy of finally being broken in this World Cup. The thinking pre tournament was that Ronaldo who has 12 goals in world cup play would break it, but Ronaldo has looked out of shape and ineffective in Brazil’s first two matches. But Miroslav Klose now very quietly has 9 goals and could score several more based on the freedom coach Jurgen Klinnsman (who himself has 11 World Cup goals) is allowing him to play with up front.
  • I’m rooting for Klose to break the record if not in this World Cup in the next. Why? Klose proves all the Soccer snobs are wrong: You don’t have to be raised in the glamorous youth academies, get a national team call up as a teenager, play in the Youth World Cup or for a big club to be a world class player.
  • Trinidad’s Cornell Glen of the LA Galaxy in MLS has become a much talked about striker in this World Cup. Considering Glen has bounced around MLS the last few years, will LA GM Alexi Lalas take note and make sure MLS locks him up long term. Let’s hope Glen’s first half injury against Paraguay today was not serious enough for him to miss substantial MLS time.
  • Sven Goran Eriksson’s decision to bring a half fit Michael Owen to the World Cup will cost England dearly in the knock out stages. Consider Wayne Rooney isn’t fully fit himself and Peter Crouch is well Peter Crouch, I’d seriously consider placing Steven Gerrard up top. The decision not to bring Shaun Wright-Phillips or Jermain DeFoe to Germany could be very costly for Sven’s side.
  • Roger Lemerre is the only coach in history to win both the European Championships (with France in 2000) and the African Nations Cup (with Tunisia in 2006). Unfortunately, Lemerre is poised for his second consecutive first round exit from the World Cup. At least his current Tunisian side has scored a few goals unlike his France side in 2002 which went scoreless in three group matches.

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A lifelong lover of soccer, the beautiful game, he served from January 2010 until May 2013 as the Director of Communications and Public Relations for the North American Soccer League (NASL). Raised on the Fort Lauderdale Strikers of the old NASL, Krishnaiyer previously hosted the American Soccer Show on the Champions Soccer Radio Network, the Major League Soccer Talk podcast and the EPL Talk Podcast. His soccer writing has been featured by several media outlets including The Guardian and The Telegraph. He is the author of the book Blue With Envy about Manchester City FC.
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39 Responses to Random World Cup Thoughts

  1. Kartik says:

    From Football 365, an English football site:

    England Disappoint Yet Again
    England’s pathetic defending has cost them victory against Sweden. The Three Lions played well during the first half but were arguably fortunate to draw 2-2 considering that the Swedes could have scored every time they had a set-piece. We’ll now play Ecuador

  2. We are the Three Lions says:

    Football 365, a great site with a tabloid bent.

  3. Hat Trick Peter Crouch says:

    I agree about Sven. He should have brought Wright-Phillips.

  4. hat trick peter crouch says:

    Sven maybe a good tactical manager but he has no idea how to select players

  5. Hernandez says:

    Good observations. may the best teams win!

  6. Hernandez says:

    whom does klose play for in the german league?

  7. Colin says:

    Your point about Sven’s selections are very well taken. Don’t forget he has wasted a squad spot on Wolcott who now may have to play even though he has never played in the EPL. Shaun Wright-Phillips would have been very useful right about now.

  8. USA06 says:

    Klose plays for Werder Bremen. He has 28 goals in 58 caps all since 2001.

    I believe I heard he was born in Poland. It is always interesting to me when players have an option for which country they represent and their eventual choices.

    Squad selection is crucial in a tournament like the World Cup. It always baffles me when coaches leave off players that helped the team in qualifying. Testing young players is what friendlies are for.

    But with 3 games in 10 days, and with injuries and the abundance of card suspensions, a 23 man roster might not be big enough!

  9. Der Kaiser says:

    Joe Cole had the goal of the tournament so far!

    Chest trap to full volley with keeper outstretched finds side netting from 40 yards……… OUTSTANDING!

  10. Torres says:

    Miroslav Klose is indeed of Polish birth and he in fact was sought after to play for the Polish national team while he was toiling in the obscurity of Germany’s second division in 1999 and 2000. He said no and held out hope that Rudy Voller would eventually call him up to the German team which happened in 2001.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I would not use Gerrard up top. He looked uncomfortable at a withdrawn forward position in the friendlies just prior to the World Cup. That means England may have to employ a single striker at times.

  12. the coach says:

    Is it Chelsea or the English MNT?

  13. Anonymous says:

    it should be totenham !


    totenham is the backbone of what should be the english team

  14. Colin says:

    Chelsea is so un English it’s not even humuorous. No self respecting England fan would cheer for Chelsea. Tottenham on the other hand is an english team through and through except for Robbie Keane.

  15. Tim L says:

    Count on Kartik to get a useless plug for MLS in an otherwise sound post!

  16. The Three Lions says:

    Our performance today was uneven.

    The first half was by far the best we have performed in this world cup. We controlled possesion, created good opportunities, and kept Sweden at bay. Joe Cole had a great strike and we led 1-0.

    The 2nd half was a total disgrace and it’s luck Gerrard scored that goal against the flow of play. Sweden came out of the halftime with a full arsenal of weapons and threw forward so many numbers that we were having a hard time defending.

    Football 365 is correct. Sweden could have scored about 6 goals off set pieces between minutes 50 and 65 alone. Our defenders looked lost and only the stop gap measure of bringing in Sol Campbell who some of us thought would not see the pitch this World Cup stabilized the back. Sweden had too much speed for us and it’s obvious Jamie Carragher is just not compotent enough to start on this level.

    As far as Owen is concerned, it means zero. We were getting nill from him anyhow, so what difference does it make. Throw Aaron Lennon in the lineup as a withdrawn attacker, like he plays for Spurs in the EPL.

  17. The Three Lions says:

    Rooney played well I thought. Anybody have opinions on how he looked?

  18. Kartik says:

    Rooney looked decent. Not fully fit and active yet but certainly not a waste like Owen.

  19. Kartik says:

    I thought Owen Hargreaves (sp?) was England’s best player today. Given that he plays for Bayern Munich he should feel more at home than any other England player.

  20. Kartik says:

    Germany’s issues at the back could be exposed by Sweden. That having been said, the finishing touch by the Swedish attackers continues to be subpar. Sweden I’m fairly certain has as many shots on goal as anybody in the tournament, yet only has 3 goals to show for it.

  21. Kartik says:

    Tim L, glad you are enjoying the Soccer. I know you are just a college sports fan, so this is actually a good time for you to watch soccer. For those americans who are into rpo sports the cup starts at a horrible time with the US Open, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup and French Open all coiniciding.

  22. Hernandez says:

    kartik, your man lavolpe is getting crushed this morning. mexico can do not right and are humiliating themselves without blanco in this world cup.

  23. Hernandez says:

    GOAL GOAL GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s not over yet!

  24. Hernandez says:

    Great save by the Iranian keeper. wow! angola gets a goal there it becomes very scary for mexico.

  25. Hernandez says:

    anybody have any thoughts on the usa scenarios for the games tomorrow?

    i think usa beat ghana 2-0 and hope italy can win 1-0. then usa will advance to face brazil who usa always plays tough.

  26. Federico says:

    Marquez really put us in a hole there in the first half. He needs to make up for it. Fonseca scored but why did he fall down in the box at the end of the half? He could have scored again!

  27. Hernandez says:

    Angola has scored and is pushing forward. We may not make it.

  28. Hernandez says:

    Our finishing hasn’t been good tonight.

  29. Hernandez says:

    What are evryone’s thoughts on the usa lineup for ghana? arena should play johnson and wolff and push the action forward. sit mcbride. he’s washed up.

  30. Hernandez says:

    we lose. angola draws so we move on. we are dead men walking into the next round. we are finished. thank you lavolpe. now i will cheer for usa as well.

  31. Federico says:

    Mexico could not get it done against a bunch of reserves from portugal. Without Borgetti they cannot sustain an attack and cannot win balls in the air.

  32. A whiny Yank goes down says:

    You guys go down to

  33. Rafael says:

    Mexico will face either Argentina or Holland. They have to play a lot better to advance.

  34. Kartik says:

    Mexico will need to improve to beat Argentina or Holland. Too bad for Angola. They held a lead and had a golden chance to be the only African nation in this world cup to move on, but missed several chances to go up 2-0 and got caught flat footed at the back on a set piece and allowed Iran to score a late equalizer. Nonetheless, two results is a great first world cup for Angola, and despite the wars and famines back home they show great potential to be a factor in the future of African Football. They should be a strong side in building for 2010 if they can qualify.

  35. Tim L says:

    The USA will really need to push the ball down the flanks against Ghana. Look for Beasley to start and Dempsey to be a factor as well. This is going to be some game!

  36. Tim L says:

    I’m watching Holland-Argentina right now. Pretty defensive oriented game for two top sides. Both have already advanced so they must be playing a little tenative. Plus Holland has several guys carrying yellow cards.

    The announcer was just raving about some 18 year old kid, Babel who just got into the game for the Dutch team. Let’s see how he looks!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Argentina to face Mexico. Bye Bye Los Tres Colores……

  38. Colin says:

    Holland made some dangerous runs late, but as it was a match you’d expect between two sides trying to rest up for the next round.

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