Not Every Englishman is Following The World Cup

is rio ferdinand too old

Cash Peters is one of the funniest persons on radio today. You may have heard his interviews on Marketplace (from NPR) or on BBC’s Five Live.

I thought it’d be interesting to interview Peters regarding the World Cup or what team he supports (he is English, after all). Here’s his hilarious response (see below). For more Cash Peters, go here.

Oh, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I have absolutely zero knowledge

of, or interest in, sport of any kind. I didn't even know the WorldCup was happening until a customer service guy I was on the phone toat American Express asked me out of the blue if I knew how Ghana weredoing, and I thought, 'What an odd thing to say'.

So unfortunately I'd be wrong for your podcast. But good luck with itanyway.



2 thoughts on “Not Every Englishman is Following The World Cup”

  1. Wonder if that’s his real name or just the reason he went to live in America. Reminds me of Ozzy Osbourne being interviewed just prior to the BBC Sports Personality of the Year bash, ‘Ozzy, who’s your favourite sporting personality?’ ‘Ali’ responded the Englishman after some thought. ‘What do you think of Wayne Rooney, then?’ ‘Who’s Wayne Rooney?’ he replied…

  2. He has a show on travel channel called “stranded with cash peters” pretty funny plus he travles the globe

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