Important Notes From The Gaffer

EPL Talk Podcast 18

1. Want to win a free copy of the World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 video game for PS2 or XBOX? Go ahead and download a free copy of the EPL Talk Magazine, and enter the trivia contest that’s mentioned in the issue. So far, no one has answered the questions correctly this week, so you have an excellent chance of winning. Hurry. Contest ends Sunday.

2. We’re also giving away an EPL Talk T-shirt this week, but no one has answered that trivia question yet either. Just download the Max Bretos interview from the EPL Talk Podcast to find out what the question is.

3. Don’t faint, but the ABC/ESPN World Cup coverage is improving. Less mistakes are happening, fewer stupid comments are being made, and the broadcasters have finally figured out that the US Men’s National Team weren’t all they were cracked up to be.

4. Just completed a very interesting interview tonight with Nick Geber from World Soccer Daily. Subscribe to the EPL Talk Podcast via iTunes or from the podcast page to make sure you get the new episode as soon as it’s released on Sunday night.

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