World Cup Coverage in America, Day 5


ABC/ESPN’s coverage was better today, probably because Dave O’Brien and Marcelo Balboa took the day off. JP Dellacamera did a fine job, as did the team of Adrian Healey and Tommy Smyth.

Some points regarding today’s coverage:

  • ESPN’s World Cup Live was better today partly because Landon Donovan fan club president Alexi Lalas was absent. Eric Wynalda was as smug as ever.
  • Finally. ESPN showed live footage of both national anthems, this time for the Brazil vs Croatia match.
  • ESPN, don’t show the team line-ups during the match. Do it before hand, please. During the Brazil match, we missed the team’s first attempt on goal because a quarter of the screen was blocked by the on-screen graphic.

3 thoughts on “World Cup Coverage in America, Day 5”

  1. Today for the Tunisia – Saudi Arabia game they showed both anthems and did the starting line up before the game started. I was impressed.

  2. Though it is improving (Allan Hopkins of FSC’s occasional comments, Eric Wynalda’s bluntness are examples), I’m tired of the crap coverage of int’l soccer events. I wish that these marketing knuckleheads at ABC/ESPN would stop trying to make their coverage palettable for the World Cup fan. These guys at ABC/ESPN work under the assumption that the people watching are newbies who wouldn’t know the touch line from a dummy. EX: In the Sweden v.T & T match, I’m sooo glad Dave O’brien explained that when a player is carted off with an injury, he must get permission from the ref to come back on. JHC! In the mean time Sweden is creating a goal scoring chance, but O’Brien is yelling about Linderoth not noticing the ref waving him on. HUH? Come on.
    Here’s an idea: How about making the coverage for the real footie fan who watches games on FSC, Gol, etc. all year long and let the World Cup fan figure it out and catch up. I would guess there are more serious soccer fans than casual World Cup fans, so why are we subjected to a graphic of how many games a player will miss if they get a red card. If I don’t know anything about basketball and I’m watching the NBA finals, I don’t expect Bill Walton to spend time explaining there’s this thing called travelling that can cause a team to lose possession.

    I still turn to the Univision coverage a couple of times a game b/c the English commentary is insulting and distracting. If you watch a game with lead commentary from Martin Tyler, for ex., there are moments of silence during the game where he will just say the player’s name who has possession. How nice. He just lets the game play and doesn’t force inane and worthless comments.

    Finally, our former players who are the color guys are just BAD. I wonder if ABC told them to dumb down their “insights” so a casual fan won’t get lost in an explanation. I hope they make them listen to themselves. If they have any sens of presentation, they ought to be cringing and asking for a sub from FSC.

  3. I have to admit that the coverage is starting to improve despite a *very* rocky start. That said, they’re still leagues away from other broadcasters.

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