Soccer America Drinks ABC/ESPN Kool-Aid

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This World Cup is exposing two different camps in the US. On one side, you have the those broadcasters and media who are “in bed” with US Soccer, such as ABC, ESPN and Soccer America.

On the other side, you have those who are willing to say it like it is such as GolTV, EPL Talk, World Soccer Daily, The 2 G’s and others.

For example, this is what Ridge Mahoney from Soccer America magazine said in his article from this past Friday regarding World Cup coverage in the States:

“Any fan who gets all agitated about announcers while all 64 matches of the world’s greatest sporting event are being shown live without commercial breaks is way too wound up about secondary matters.”

Is he stupid? The commentary can make or break a game. And this World Cup we have plenty of choices such as Univision and Setanta to turn to. We shouldn’t be bowing to ABC and ignoring their glaring mistakes just because they’re showing the matches.

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