Iran – Mexico Open Thread

Another match where an underdog can have a good result. Who will American fans support…their soccer rival, Mexico, or one of their arch enemies Iran. I say Mexico. Game is at 11:55 PM EST.

Put your remarks on the game here.

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8 Responses to Iran – Mexico Open Thread

  1. The Three Lions says:

    You Mexicans are fortunate you are facing Iran and not someone of a higher caliber. Clearly as we have predicted they cannot compete with stronger sides.

  2. Federico says:

    Borgetti out, Fonseca in. We may be done in this cup if he’s out. It maybe time for me to focus on my second team the USA.

  3. Federico says:

    Well Kartik perhaps you were corrrect about LaVolpe being an excellent tactical manager. Us Mexicans still don’t like him much, but he got the result he needed. Hugo will have to eat crow after this one.

  4. Xavier says:

    Mexico got very fortunate because they used all availible substitutions by minute 54 leaving a game of chance should an injury or red card transpire. They do score in waves and 3 goals against a decent Iranian side is a good start.

  5. Zizou 06 says:

    Too me, it seemed that the Iranians lost a lot of steam at the end. For a long time, Iran really kept up with Mexico. Then, around the 70th minute, they didn’t play Mexico as tight as they did the rest of the match.

    The first and second Mexican goal was due to some sloppy play by Iran.

  6. Kartik says:

    Iran played well in spots, but that mistake by the keeper really cost them dearly. Mexico then went on a feeding frenzy scoring two goals and almost drawing a penalty. the Mexicans will hate me for saying it, but again I think LaVolpe is an excellent coach, one of the best at Germany 2006.

  7. Gator says:

    One of the most irritating aspects of this match was listening to the continuing political comments regarding Iran by the announcer (Dave O’Brien?).

  8. Zizou 06 says:


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