Got to Feel Good About the US Chances. CONCACAF and the MLS Look Good

A great moral victory for CONCACAF, the MLS and Trinidad & Tobago

After watching a marvelous display of defensive football by Trinidad’s “Soca Warriors,” I feel really good about the chances for both the USA and Mexico to have a good World Cup. Trinidad whom the US has had little trouble defeating in recent years looked organized and structured. Even before Avery John’s unfortunate sending off, the T&T side had picked strategic spots to counter attack and seemed to holding up well. After John’s sending off, Cornell Glen of MLS and the LA Galaxy played some spectacular counter attacking soccer, just missing the target off the post on one shot and also spreading the pitch nicely in combination with Stern John, another MLS veteran. Cornell Glen whose recent form with T&T had been shaky proved that MLS players engaged in a summer season come to the finals in excellent shape. Actually, Avery John also from MLS had proven that point well before the send off. The USA has a perfect combination of European and MLS based players, all of whom work well together and much like T&T understand each other and will cover for one another on defense and in the attack.

Ecuador yesterday routed a European side on European soil with home grown players. Costa Rica of CONCACAF scored two goals, while Real Salt Lake’s Douglas Sequeira was the best Tico defender, and today T&T gave a marvelous display. The World Cup isn’t just Argentina, Brazil and Europe anymore. The Soca Warriors gave a nice display today of how you counter a sending off with offense and discipline man marking. Thank you, Europe, we do know how to play Football in this part of the world.

13 thoughts on “Got to Feel Good About the US Chances. CONCACAF and the MLS Look Good”

  1. Excellent piece, Kartik. T&T certainly did do the CONCACAF region proud today and I think that bodes well as you said for the chances of both Mexico and the USA.

  2. You Yanks are now deluding yourself with dreams of cup glory which will never be yours. Trinidad’s enitre team plays in England and so they have developed the skill neccesary to compete.

    The USA’s big star couldn’t make it in two spells with Leverkusen and came crying back home to your weak league. Avery John showed that he is the one T&T player without Euro experience with his clumsy challenge that almost cost his side a point. Next game the manager will replace him with someone not mired in your minor league.

  3. People thought T&T would be a laughing stock, but I knew better. I’ve seen many of their players excel here in the EPL and championship including the great Dwight Yorke. I haven’t seen a single non-keeper Yank excel on the pitch except for Joe Moore who is now retired. Brian McBride is a big and a tall target but he lacks pace and is often injured. USA and Mexico will be the laughing stocks along with Togo and Angola. Look for Iran to shock the world with an easy victory over Mexico tomorrow.

  4. Colin…(I am sure there is someone sitting next to you named Nigel or Ian)…who is ranked 5th and who is ranked 10th?

    That’s right! Buh-bye…back on the short bus.

  5. A lot of quality today from the small islands but that again because so many of their players have been in England for years and have learned a tactical savvy that some other sides lack. Dwight Yorke was the man of the match and I believe all those tough champions league and FA cup games made him ripe for the occasion today.

  6. USA has a tactical superiority to England as well as team cohesion England lacks. Having no “I in team” is something the English have yet to figure out all these years on.

  7. I don’t know why we even try and bother and educate you Yanks about Football. The quality and intensity is much higher a the larger clubs, especially those who play in European competition. Nothing that the USA or Mexican players go through in domestic leagues or in lower division of Europe prepared one for the center stage that is World Cup Football. I cannot wait to see USA crushed by the Czechs on Monday evening.

  8. T&T’s showing was remarkable and shows the depth of talent our federation, CONCACAF has. Anything short of a USA victory against the Czechs would be a letdown given the strong play of the other 3 CONCACAF reps at the finals.

  9. Yeah, nice post Three Lions. But we aren’t talking about club teams, we are talking about international teams. So you can take that club team talk and chuck it right out the window.

    It seems to me that England is a group of 24 different egos whose individual concerns are more about making the back page of some tabloid instead of playing as a team.

    I think that David Beckham is the only one thinking as a team player, so thank god he is their captain. But it seems to me like England has just a bunch of different egos.

    But lets just face the REAL fact. The English just can’t stand that the Americans, who consider soccer their 5th or 6th most popular sport, are kicking ass on the world stage! Pure and simple, England is jealous!

    What is sad, Three Lions, is that our squad isn’t even the best athletes in our nation, far from it. Not England, those are your best athletes. Yet we outrank you.

    Imagine if soccer was our most popular sport and not football, baseball, basketball, etc… We might be up there with Brazil. Imagine Michael Jordan with soccer skills…sweet!

  10. Well said Zizou. Federico, you are correct……England shouldn’t be putting down anyone let alone Mexico who based on what we saw today would probably beat England without much difficulty were they in the same group.

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