20 thoughts on “England-Paraguay Open Thread”

  1. We’re showing our class and savvy today. We will be able to beat anybody if this lineup stays healthy with the addition of Rooney.

  2. Boys did you see that…….

    A. Cole and Neville are creating opportunities on the flanks. We will get a 2nd soon.

  3. Owen looked real world class in that first half. How he found space, how he worked in the attack, how he held off defenders. Oh sorry, that was Paraguay’s striker. My bad!

  4. Lampard’s looked good today but most of England seems to be just going through the motions.

    I hope this doesn’t come back to hurt them in goal differential. It could be the difference between 1st and 2nd palce with Sweeden if they tie.

  5. I agree Micahel Owen did not look World Class. But maybe I’m wrong cause he plays in the Premiership so he has to be great!!

  6. We didn’t look particularly sharp in the 2nd Half, but with the lead Sven felt we could sit on the ball. I would have liked to have seen Shaun Wright-Phillips or Jermaine DeFoe come in and score a counter attacking goal, but of course Sven left them both off the squad in favor of Theo Wolcott and Aaron Lennon neither of which is ready to contribute.

  7. I’m not confident in my pick of England to win the cup after today. They really need Rooney back and Gerrard/Lampard need to work together better in the midfield. Obviously they adavnce but they need to improve.

  8. Considering all our injuries we played well. The France backer on this website is just very biased.

  9. Three points!

    It wasn’t the best display of Football but we got completed what needed to be completed.

    Three points…….

    that’s more than the Yanks will EVER EVER get on European soil. Prepare for a short stay Yanks, you and your relgious crazies can pray all you want, but you are going home after 3 losses.

  10. CONCACAF along with the African nations are the two up and coming regions for world football. This is no longer exclusively a European and South American game. USA will continue to improve and while the brits may laugh at the Yanks now, they aren’t going to have a whole lot to laugh at in the future. Quite honestly, if the USA had been seeded and placed in England’s group (instead of T&T) they would have probably won the pool. Instead USA was drawn into a group of death, but I still like the chances for America to advance because unlike Italy or the Czechs, the USA has a versatile lineup that can adjust to the opposition. That is something that the English are completely incapable of doing.

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