Argentina-Ivory Coast open thread

This could be one of the great games of the first round. Game time is 2:55 EST, or close 9 pm German time. Post your thoughts, before, during and after the game here.

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4 Responses to Argentina-Ivory Coast open thread

  1. Zizou 06 says:

    I think it is interesting, but Bobby McMahon picked Ivory Coast to win, and England and Paraguay to draw.

    That is my thoughts exactly.

  2. Hat Trick Peter Crouch says:

    What a great victory this would be for international football if the hateful Argentines can be beat Drogba and the boys.

  3. Zizou 06 says:

    My brain says Argentina will advance, but in my heart, I hope you are right.

  4. We Are the Three Lions says:

    Drogba will score twice today. The Elephants win an upset and carry the group.

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