The Treble Find a New Home

The Treble, those three glorious women who are passionate soccer fans, have moved from the World Soccer Daily radio network to a new network run by The 2 G’s.

The news is one of the highlights of this week’s EPL Talk Podcast, featuring an interview with Graham Bell from The 2 G’s. During the episode, Bell discusses growing up in England, how The 2 G’s got started, his most memorable moment on his show thus far and what plans he has for the upcoming network he’s preparing to launch.

You can listen to the EPL Talk Podcast here, or you can download it from iTunes.

4 thoughts on “The Treble Find a New Home”

  1. Are the podcasts now a thing of the past? I enjoy the blog entries but quite frankly it was always the podcasts that set the epltalk brand apart. I miss the tremendous interviews. I know there was an update a while back stating the podcasts would take on a different tone but…what’s happened?

  2. The EPL Talk Podcasts are still being produced… just not as frequently as they were before. We released episode 100, the Best Of episode last week, and intend on releasing an episode next week featuring an interview with Paul Gardner from Soccer America.

    The Gaffer

  3. Thanks, Gaffer. I understand other duties have precluded weekly podcasts and I certainly do like the blog entries. While I rarely post I almost always read every entry…the podcasts were just the favorite part of my morning commute.

    Really appreciate the effort.

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