Leeds Fall at Last Hurdle

After watching them clobber Crystal Palace in the Championship play-off match a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Watford would be a welcome addition to the Premiership.

Now, after yesterday’s fantastic Championship play-off final win against Leeds, the Hornets from Hertfordshire are now the final third team to make it to the EPL (along with Reading and Sheffield United).

Interestingly I spoke with my cousin, and huge Leeds fans, after the match. Kevin’s insight (who lives in London) was that Leeds went out and started the match in a very defensive formation. In final matches like these, you simply can’t sit back and hope to hold on to a slight win. It’s all or nothing, and Leeds were unable to stop Watford’s direct approach. Final score was 3-0 to the team that was famous in the 70s for their chairman (Elton John).

Welcome aboard Watford. I, for one, will look forward to seeing them make an impression on the Premiership.

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