Champions League Final Will Answer Many Questions

In just a few hours, the answers will be revealed to these very interesting questions:

(1) Can the Premiership or La Liga claim to being the best club league in the world? If Arsenal wins, surely the Premier League is it.

(2) Does Arsenal have what it takes to outplay and outwit Barcelona? If so, Wenger would assuredly be a better tactician than Jose Mourinho since the Blues lost to the Spaniards in the quarter final.

(3) If Barcelona beat Arsenal, will this increase the confidence and likelihood that Spain will do better in this World Cup than in previous tournaments?

(4) Will we avoid any crucial injuries to World Cup stars in today’s match? And lastly…

(5) If Arsenal win, will this go down as their greatest achievement ever?

This promises to be either one of the most exciting finals in years (if an early goal is scored). Or one of the most boring ones. The first 10 minutes are crucial for both teams, especially Arsenal. I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Champions League Final Will Answer Many Questions”

  1. Dear ESPN:

    Hi, my name is JC and I’m an American who loves soccer. I also work for a living. I’m probably not unique in either respect. Would it be possible for you to re-air the Champions League final at a time where the majority of Americans are at home? No? You need to air a kickboxing repeat? Ah, okay. Thanks. Can’t wait to see what you do with the World Cup.

  2. JC:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Not sure if you have DirecTV, but Setanta will be replaying the match at 7pm ET tomorrow night (Thursday).

    The Gaffer

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