Setanta Breaks Sky Premiership Monopoly

In breaking news, Setanta has won the bids for two of the six Premiership TV rights packages, with Sky picking up the remaining four.

This means that from 2007-2010, Sky will show 92 live matches while Setanta will show 46.

Overseas rights are yet to be finalized, but the repercussions of the above decisions will definitely impact watching the EPL on TV in North America.

One thought on “Setanta Breaks Sky Premiership Monopoly”

  1. I sincerely hope that this will not result in Setanta F***ing over the US EPL watchers by taking everything away from FSC and moving it to PPV!!!

    In my opinion ESPN is no friend of soccer for the above reason – only a small percentage of Champ. Lg games on even though they hold the rights and won’t permit anyone else to broadcast. The fact that ESPN Deportes shows many of the matches is no consolation and only serves to taunt the US viewers.

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