Fox Soccer Channel Continues To Improve

Is it me or is Fox Soccer Channel getting better and better?

Their Super Saturday + round-up program seems more polished. During this past weekend’s episode, Webster and Bretos wore suits instead of their business casual attire. Their rapport together is very smooth.

Meanwhile, the “Passport to Germany” is a welcome addition and, again, well produced. And, of course, the Premiership matches have been brilliant as they head towards the climax of the season.

Looking ahead, Easter Monday beckons with Fox Soccer Channel offering four back-to-back EPL matches! But before we sink into our couches watching those matches, FSC offers Wednesday’s FA Cup 5th Round reply between Boro and Charlton, then this Friday’s Man U v Sunderland match kicking off live at 3pm, followed up by Saturday and Sunday’s Premiership matches.

One thought on “Fox Soccer Channel Continues To Improve”

  1. It’s great they’re giving us the Man U game on Friday afternoon. I think most Americans are getting off work early Friday (or not working altogether) – I know I am – and this is perfect.

    The game itself is huge for the Red Devils, obviously. A loss or draw in any of their remaining games ends the chase.

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