How do you watch your Fox Soccer Channel?

Especially in the United States, soccer fans play an unusual type of “game” where it comes to watching soccer on television.

Take this week’s Champions League matches as an example. For those of us who work during the day, many — including myself — taped the Real Madrid against Arsenal match, as well as the Chelsea versus Barcelona battle.

So we don’t ruin the game, we purposely avoid web sites that show the live scores (or the final result) and watch the games at night. It’s a game that many Americans have to play because of the time difference (the games kick-off at 2:45pm ET).

And it’s a game we’re going to play during this summer’s World Cup when most matches are being televised on weekdays at 9am, Noon and 3pm ET.

But with Fox Soccer Channel, we face the dilemma of having to play the same type of “game” on weekends too when we want to watch Premiership matches. Other than the typical 7:30am ET and Noon ET live matches on Saturdays, we have to make a decision about the tape-delayed 3pm ET on Saturday and the 1pm ET match on Sunday.

This begs the question: Are you the type of Fox Soccer Channel fan that watches the games already knowing what the final score is (for the tape-delayed games)? Or do you purposely avoid finding out what the score is so the match isn’t ruined?

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