Premiership & The Continental Divide

Is it any coincidence that out of the top five teams in the EPL table, that four of the five managers are from the continent?

Of course, the foreign managers are in charge of big money clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs.

But what teams in the EPL would most likely benefit from having a foreign manager at the helm? Birmingham have the money, but Steve Bruce lacks the leadership and know-how to achieve success. A foreign manager, with the same spending money as Bruce, would flourish.

The two other teams that could benefit from a foreign manager would be Newcastle and Middlesbrough. Again, teams that both have big wallets, but where the managers lack skill at putting together the best team on the park.

Having any foreign manager in charge isn’t enough (we all saw what happened with Perrin in charge at Portsmouth, and Santini at Tottenham). But the right manager for the right club could be the right move for struggling Premier League sides.


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