2006 Predictions, Part Two

Current Premiership champions Chelsea will undoubtedly win the English Premier League again this year. But that’s not my prediction.

Instead, my prediction is that Chelsea will drop points in their race to the top of the EPL. Here’s how:

February 5, home, versus Liverpool. The African’s Nations Cup will hurt Mourinho more than Rafa, resulting in a tough contest for Chelsea against their bogey team. Prediction: Chelsea 1 -1 Liverpool.

March 11, home, versus Spurs. Just days after the second leg of their Champion’s League thriller against Barcelona, the tired legs of Chelsea will succumb to the hungry Spurs team fueled by Martin Jol’s technical wizardry. Prediction: Chelsea 0 – 1 Tottenham.

April 15, away, against Bolton. It all depends which Allardyce team shows up, but Chelsea will have a difficult time against the old men from the Reebok Stadium. It’ll be a topsy turvy match, for sure. Prediction: Bolton 2 – 1 Chelsea.

Eight points dropped. Worse than the five dropped during the first half of the season, but Chelsea storm to the Premiership title and Mourinho again reigns supreme.

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