Premier League Soccer More Exciting Than Pigskin


It’s official. According to scientists in America, soccer is the world’s most exciting sport. Finally, we have evidence we can share with the “soccer sucks” crowd.

But wait. The report notes that in the past 10 years, baseball is considered more entertaining than English Premier League soccer. One reason may be because the Premiership has become so predictable (how many teams other than Chelsea, Man United and Arsenal have won the EPL in the past decade?).

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7 thoughts on “Premier League Soccer More Exciting Than Pigskin”

  1. I think Scott Edwards is the VP in the comcast ads – he’s “blogging it out” and pumping up his numbers in the suburban tweens demo.

  2. They are not the Spurs shirts, they have been knocking around the net for about two weeks on glory-glory and the third shirt is alleged to be (mainly at least) black in colour. The third shirt in your pics is “chocolate” and gold.

  3. Baseball is the least interesting of the bunch IMHO. 162 games, 150 of which are totally meaningless. The obsession of an elitist media from the northeast that forces their teams down the throats of the rest of the nation, even though 80% of the population lives outside the Northeast.

    College sports weren’t surveyed and for many of us living outside the 1-95 corridor from Boston to Washington, that is what defines our nation’s sporting culture, no the Yanks vs the BoSox.

    The NBA is predictable in the regular season but often times not predictable in the playoffs.

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