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You’ll find interesting news about The Treble Talk radio show (recommended listening for EPL fans in the US), a tribute to George Best, the key component that was missing in Manchester United’s Champions League collapse, Wigan Athletic and memories of how ESPN ruined soccer in the early 90’s.

2 thoughts on “Catch up on the EPL Talk Blog”

  1. It has been suggested that this ‘allows managers to be more tactically creative’, but is it just me who thinks that is daft. If anything it allows managers to be more lazy as they are now safe to cover more positions and not forced to play players out of position.

    Having said that, I still support the rule change. Seven is a better number than five, and considering it was only England who are out of line with the 7 sub standard.

  2. That’s kind of odd, but I guess the best league in the world has to lead by example.
    What about clubs that don’t have that many subs? Or what about clubs that have bad luck when it comes to injury.

    this will give the subs nerves, because they’ll be wanting to go out and play but can’t, it sucks being a sub as it is.

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